Today in MC Yixing’s behind the scenes.

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even his NGs are cute

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Scrabble letter L. #scrabble #game #L #LAY

Scrabble letter L. #scrabble #game #L #LAY


I ship Zhang Yixing and his MCM stuff


1/12 who would you choose?

lay or zhang yixing

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cutie mc yixing

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Exo alarm clock. Kris wakes you up. [English]

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Hi lovely! I was going to attach screenshots to this reply, but my laptop is inaccessible right now, thus i am replying via mobile. Alright so if you click on account on mobile app, it shows you the blogs you currently own. Next to your name should be this silhouette with lines next to it. Click on it and it should bring a pop up screen saying "posts, followers, drafts, etc.." Choose edit appearance. Click on your banner and you should be able to change it :) i hope this helps!! If not. Pls ask

I got it now! Thanks so much for the help and for the info. Much love! <3


237/100 Gifs of Yixing. Zhang Yixing, you are more precious than diamonds. 

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your blog is now signed by Yixing

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where should i sell my soul to so that i can keep him? (个_个)

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